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“Ozone is one of the world's best sanitizers. It kills bacteria and virus. The FDA has approved ozone application for food processing as Generally Accepted as Safe (GAS). Ozone is used to help sanitize drinking water in many municipalities, and used in small and notable aquariums to kill pathogens in the water. In short, ozone will quickly and effectively kill infections and prevent the spread of infections. Ozone is part of nature itself. It is chemical-free and does not pollute. So, this process would seem a thousand times more effective than cans of fragrance that deposit more chemical throughout the house.”

~ National Ozone Association International | NOAI

Advantages of Ozone Technology

“Ozone is a very strong oxidizer. As it oxidizes a substance ozone will literally destroy the substance’s molecule. It can oxidize organic substances such as bacteria and mildew, sterilize the air, and destroy odors and toxic fumes. Ozone will neutralize virtually all organic odors, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element. This will include all the bacteria and fungus groups as well as smoke, decay, and cooking odors.

One of the biggest advantages of ozone may be its relatively low cost in comparison to other technologies.

  • Ozone will neutralize virtually all organic odors, specifically those that contain carbon as their base element.
  • Ozone is also less corrosive to equipment than most chemicals currently being used, such as chlorine.
  • Ozone generators clean the air and may reduce the risk of microbiological infections.
  • Applications of ozone are generally quick and easy as units are portable and only require a minimal amount of time to treat the average room.
  • Ozone has been found to be an excellent disinfect, especially for the treatment of water and waste water.
  • Ozone is not only an effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial but because it is can be used in gaseous form it can give a complete coverage of all surfaces.
  • Ozone technology can be applied with very little if any manpower.
  • An important advantage of ozone used in food processing is the product can still be called organic.
  • Ozone kills bacteria within a few seconds by a process known as cell lysing. Because of this, microorganisms cannot develop ozone resistant strains; thus eliminating the need to change biocides periodically 

~ Kansas State University