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Great communicantion

Awesome company... had a delay in shipping and was very responsive to emails inquiring about the order. The Enforcer is also an awesome project as well.

More than expected.

Being a bow hunter and due to health problems I am confined to a ground blind, all help is welcome. The area we hunt has only one constant, the wind is trapped and swirls, only occasionally listening to the meteorologist. We couldn't justify trying the Ozonics due to the price so we tried this until. Keep the other brand. I used it in boxes to clean up the odor in my clothes and in the car all the way to the woods, with a window cracked. In the blind it's quiet and effective. Deer walk right up on me downwind and never spook. It's the best value going and really works.

Awesome for the K9 Vehicle

I let Tim talk me into purchasing an Enforcer at the Great American Sportsman show in Harrisburg PA this past winter. Tim knew I was a K9 hander for a police agency on the east cost., and continued to tell me how well it would do at cutting down the odor in my vehicle. (Only you handlers out there truly know how RIPE it can get!). Well after using it for almost 5 months I can say first hand that he understated how well this thing works! I wont claim that it'll leave your car smelling like roses, but when shift mates make the comment like "if it weren't for the barking you would know a dog's in there" . You know it not just us handlers going nose blind!!! I'll be picking up a second one for the house and a third for the hunting gear! Thanks Tim for talking me into this!!!!

The Best Purchase I have Made for Hunting EVER!!!!!!

Last Year I purchased the Enforcer not sure if it really worked or if It was even worth the money but hey you wont know until you try. When the season ended I had killed 3 nice bucks and saw more deer than I've ever seen in the same spots I have hunted for a couple years. I am very careful and super particular about my clothes and being scent free, but this little machine gives you the extra security and confidence that you need when walking into the woods... Its also very useful around the house I have used it on many different occasions and situations. I'm not one to usually write a review until I have tried and tried and tried a product but after this hunting season I refuse to live without having my Enforcer handy at all times!

Great season scent control

Great product for scent control will definitely recommend to friends.

Awesome product. Great seller

No troubles. Ordered online and was shipped to my door with great updates as to when it would arrive. Thanks Scentlok

The Enforcer

This product seems to work great! For someone like me, who is a scent-feee freak when it comes to hunting, this product is a must. We don't always have time or money to have scent free materials clothing on hand, the Enforcer allows for scent control on the spot, anywhere or anytime. Worth the money!


It doesn't seem to give 8 hours of run time on full charge. More like 4 maybe 5 hours.

Scent lock enforcer

Great product. Fast delivery


The enforcer is amazing for the size of it and the impact it has one odors it pairs very well with the scentlok tote

More than expected

Bought this about 3 weeks ago used in my jeep that had a smoke smell and in 3hrs it was gone. First time using on my clothes and equipment I had a buck walk right up under me and never smelled me. It works for many different situations I give it 5 stars easily .

Bought for hunting. Use it everywhere.

It works amazing in my hunting tote and even in my spare bedroom when the dogs leave me

Works great!

I've had nothing but good experience with it so far. This is my first foray into ozone and it has been amazing. It definitely helps me get away with a lot more when the animals simply cannot smell me.

Works great!

I put all of my hunting clothes in a small closet and turn the Scentlock enforcer on for one hour the night before a hunt. The next morning all of my hunting clothes smell like ozone and they still have the smell of ozone even after I've come back from hunting.

Oklahoma Bow Season Oct. 1st 2016

Opening Day! No deer on 1000 acres, 60 Hogs, came in at 15 yards. No clue I was there! Great product, compare to other products on the market, this is a great price point.

seems to work as designed

seems to work as designed will find out better once the archery season starts

Need more time

The product would work well on lightly used clothing, but not early season. I tested the product on clothes worn checking trail cameras on a hot day, trying to simulate walking to my stand in the early season. It removed a significant amount of odor, but if I could smell it, deer will. I'm still optimistic it will work as intended during the season, just not on all layers.

Great little Affordable Unit

Awesome, tested it out on my friends Hockey Bag, couldnt believe the results,Completely got rid of any odor, cant wait to use in my blinds for Deer season

Unbelievable product

I have to admit I was skeptical at first because it is hard to believe such a small compact unit would be so effective on everything I have used it on. I did my trucks, car, washing machine, teenagers room. And the best thing was my hockey gear wow!!!!!!! So impressed I don't have to leave it outside anymore wife can't believe it either. I will be using it on my gear and in my blind and so many more places.
Thanks guys!

Absolutely Amazing!

Portable and Convenient, I used the enforcer in my truck to see if it could get the smell of skunk out of it and it really worked! Now I take it with me where ever I go and the USB charger is an added bonus. Highly recommend - JL

Absolutely Amazing!

Portable and Convenient, I used the enforcer in my truck to see if it could get the smell of skunk out of it and it really worked! Now I take it with me where ever I go and the USB charger is an added bonus. Highly recommend - JL