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OZONE is the hottest product to have hit the scent control world in a long time and we have been on the forefront of developing and designing for the hunter and athlete, new and innovative products since inducted into the industry. Ozone is the #1 Predator in Odor Control. How do we know this? Because years of product testing have proven the effciency and quality of our products and that we do not mask, cover up or block odors, we destroy them.

Ozone is the #1 safest natural oxidizer in the world. It’s what cleans our earth. Ozone has been studied since the late 1800’s but its only been in the last decade that Ozone has been extensively researched and applied in numerous applications. Ozone now is used to deodorize and disinfect hospitals, clinics, hotels, homes, casino’s, grocery stores, water treatment plants etc. Ozone is also used in dentistry, in the treatment of cancer, Lyme disease, some forms of respiratory diseases and virus epidemics. How can you use ozone in all these applications? Because scientists have researched and discovered the correct amount of ozone needed and the length of exposure to make it eective while creating a safe environment.

The secret to utilizing ozone for odor control is how to apply it correctly to your clothing and gear. Too much ozone over an extended period of time can cause deterioration of elasticity and side effects. All of our products are designed to apply the correct amount of ozone depending on the size of the area and severity of odors for the ultimate in odor control.

We pride ourselves on personal customer service, our strong belief in ozone technology and standing behind our products. So much so that we are now oering a 2-year full replacement warranty. We are committed to staying on the leading edge of education, scientific testing, research, product development and customer loyalty for years to come.