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The Original Portable Ozone Generator

First to market, scientifically PROVEN, and the most
portable, affordable and versatile unit on the market today!
2 Year Warranty
We believe in and stand behind our products and now offer a full 2 year replacement warranty on the Enforcer.
30 Day Money Back
We know you will love the Enforcer, but enjoy piece of mind with a 30 days money-back guarantee.
No cartriges or refills, just charge the Enforcer via a USB Power Cord and get years of use.
Treats hunting closets, bedrooms, bathroom, camper’s, vehicles, and any enclosed area up to 200 sq. ft.
Charge your Phone or Tablet via the USB port when your running low on battery power
Light Purification - Perfect for less obtrusive odors, yet strong enough to remove odors in hunting clothes after a long day sits on the stand.
Heavy Purification - For more obtrusive odors, strong enough to eliminate those nasty odors in your hunting gear.
Get up to a full 8-12 hours of use per charge, can also be run while charging.

The Enforcer Zone 

Scent Control Starts before you ever hit THE WOODS
Get in the Zone for $109
Odor Control starts long before the hunt, get the best hunting results when you're in control of your odor footprint

The Enforcer Zone 

We have engineered the most versatile ozone generator and another innovative and effective solution to help assist you in managing unwanted odors! The ENFORCER's quiet fan produces the correct amount of ozone, which seeks out and virtually destroys odor molecules and bacteria that gets in its path. Ideal for use in enclosed areas such as totes, hockey and athletic gear, tents, closets, bedrooms and much more. The ENFORCER™ also helps to re-activate carbon alloy extending the field life of your carbon hunting clothing.

UNLEASH the OZONE ENFORCER™ for all of your odor control needs. The personal ozone generator weighs less than a pound and is rechargeable with up to 8-hours of battery life. A 1-hour and 3-hour operating mode allows you to apply the right amount of ozone depending on the severity of odors. And as an added feature the ENFORCER™ serves as a power bank for charging Smartphones and Tablets.

Whether you’re driving to your hunt, traveling home from an athletic event, trying to rid your hockey and sports/athletic gear from those nasty odors and harmful bacteria or preparing your gear for the next morning’s hunt you will feel confident knowing the ENFORCER™ helps manage those unwanted odors. With its compact size and re-charging capabilities, you will have odor control at your fingertips for not just one, but the majority of your odor control needs.

The Enforcer Zone - get in it today for only $109

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