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EnforcerZone "Your Ozone Specialist" presents "Did You Know" a series of educational pieces to better understand Ozone, its power and how when used correctly is the #1 safest and most effective deodorizer and sanitizer on the planet!

Did You Know Part 1

Like many good things in life, ozone is part of that wonder of nature.  It protects us from excess UV light by converting UV light into ozone in our upper atmosphere.  

Ozone is made by sunlight and lightning in the lower atmosphere and acts as Mother Nature’s cleaning agent. It is an amazing sanitizing agent that no germs are immune to its power.  

Ozone also disinfects and cleans the air we breathe. That is why the air smells so fresh after a lightning storm. Ozone is known as a friendly oxidizer due to the fact that it reverts back to oxygen after oxidation.

Ozone does not cover up but destroys odor, mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria molecules through a process called Cell Lysis. Ozone’s radical molecule seeks out a targeted cell rupturing the membrane and destroys it.

Ozone has the tremendous ability to oxidize substances. It is a thousand times faster than chlorine and disinfects water three to four times faster. Ozone is the #1 safest sanitizer and disinfectant in the world.